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I couldn't tell you why

     Coming to an understanding of why my head must insist on racing a hundred miles a minute. It's almost like a plague, a constant distraction to everything I need to have focus with. I find myself constantly floating among a thick cloud of thought. My mind wanders to places some people never come to see in their lifetime. It's like I feel the need to know why and how with everything, everyone, every time. It gets to a point where it's exausting.
     It's the cause of so many of my worries and concerns. The situations, which should be why you worry, are only the start of my problems. Yeah, the situation is where it all starts, but my thoughts break down and analyze every detail so much that I have no realistic fixes or solutions. Therefore, the problems remain unsolved, and i loose sleep over it at night. I wish for once in my life, my mind could just take a rest, and stop.

                                           with  love,



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