From my journal's pages... 12/25
Christmas Day 2009 (December 25th, 2009)

Merry Christmas! :] What a wonderful Christmas/Christmas Eve it has been! The birthday of our Savior, God's greatest gift, family, and a great trip to look forward to! This Christmas has been the best for many reasons. I think after all these years of sunday school and church, I can finally acknowledge the greatest gift of all time, Jesus Christ. The joy of my day has been so much greater than any past. My family was truly the icing on the cake this year, rather than the cake itself. Sure, its great to spend time with family, but thats not what its truly about. Yeah, some people may try to take the Christ out of CHRISTmas, but they can't take it from the ones who have accepted Christ as their Savior. No one can take that away. Not now, not ever. His love shines in the eyes of his children, and cannot be masked or dimmed.
I cannot tell you how blessed I am. My family all gathered around, laughings and smiling, sharing a meal, and exchanging gifts, is the most wonderful sight to me. Celebrating the single most important birthday in the history of the world with those you love more than any other Earthly thing really warms my heart. I mean, what else could be better? I certainly can't think of anything. ...


...God our Savior showed us how good and kind he is. He saved us because of his mercy and not because of any good things we have done.
God washed us by the power of the Holy Spirit. He gave us new birth and a fresh beginning. God has sent Jesus Christ our Savior to give us his spirit. Jesus treated us much better than we deserve. He made us acceptable to God and gave us hope of eternal life.
-Titus 3.4-7

My New Year's resolution is to read the Bible as a whole from beginning to end even though I've read the majority out of order, and I want to get started now.

- Darian Renee <3

p.s. I leave for NY on Monday Morning!


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